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Before you sit down at the negotiating table to talk about the next move for your restaurant, know where you stand. A valuation report can give you an idea of what you have to work with.

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You need to know what your
restaurant is worth.

Building any business is hard work, but the demanding nature of the food service industry makes buying and selling a restaurant one of the most common transactions. It is one of the top 3 businesses sold.

Accurately determining the value of a restaurant is less common.

Finding out what a restaurant is worth is part art and part science. Our free valuation report gives you an idea of where to start the conversation with potential buyers, sellers, and lenders.

Is now a good time to sell?

  • $42.8
  • $119.6
  • $239.3
  • $379.0
  • $586.7
  • $798.7
Source: National Restaurant Association, | * Projected

The food service industry is vibrant. Restaurants are an almost $800 billion business and its workers make up 10% of the workforce.

More than 90% of restaurant owners are optimistic about restaurant sales. Now is a great time to sell.

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The best way to sell your restaurant


Value your restaurant

The first step in selling your restaurant is to perform a business valuation to get an idea of what the market might pay for your company.

Value Restaurant

Engage with a business broker

A qualified business broker will market your company and find potential buyers to negotiate a sale with.

Close the sale

Your business broker, along with an attorney, can help you successfully close on your company and receive your well-deserved funds.


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